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Easy Link Conveyancing offers comprehensive conveyancing services for residential & commercial properties, ensuring efficient coordination between all parties involved in the transaction.

Property Conveyancing Services – Buying Property

When purchasing a property, whether residential or commercial, it is important to obtain the services of a respected conveyancer to ensure the transfer of ownership proceeds smoothly and without incident throughout the settlement process.

A property conveyancing professional will communicate with all parties involved in the property transaction to ensure that there are no delays and that everything goes well. Easy Link Conveyancing offers a comprehensive variety of house purchase conveyancing services to Melbourne residents who want assistance with domestic conveyancing.


How Our Conveyancing Professionals Can Help You with Your House Purchase

Andy Nguyen and the property conveyancing professionals at Easy Link Conveyancing can manage the house conveyancing procedure from start to finish, sparing you from having to hire local solicitors when purchasing a home. To help house purchasers, we offer a comprehensive variety of property conveyancing services, including the following:

  • The creation and filing of all legal papers, such as the contract of sale and the memorandum of transfer.
  • Checking to see if there are any problems with the certificate of title and section 32.
  • Keeping the deposit funds in a trust account up to settlement.
  • Calculating any necessary adjustments to taxes and rates.
  • Overseeing the property settlement procedure, including representing you, informing you when settlement is finished, and notifying your bank or other financial institution when the last payment has been paid.
  • Acting on your behalf with the real estate agent and/or property seller so you won’t need to engage a lawyer to buy a house.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of transferring property from one party to another is called conveyancing. The conveyancing process for purchasing a home might include a number of processes, including as document preparation and submission, deposit money storage in a trust, tax and rate calculation, and transaction smoothness monitoring.

Even though a conveyancer isn’t technically required for house conveyancing, it’s useful to have one on hand in case you lack information or have questions regarding the conveyancing procedure. The domestic conveyancing procedure is quite complex, and choosing to handle it yourself may increase the likelihood of anything going wrong.

A section 32, sometimes referred to as a vendor’s statement, is a document that includes all pertinent facts that can affect the sale of a property. The purpose of a Section 32 is to provide the buyer with any information they require to make a purchase.

Among other things, the intricacy of the transaction will determine whether you need a conveyancer when buying a house. Contact Easy Link Conveyancing right away to get a dependable price quote for our property conveyancing services.

Whether you anticipate any legal concerns arising during your purchase will determine how you should proceed. However, a conveyancer is adequate to conduct the procedure for the majority of property purchase conveyancing transactions. It’s crucial to keep in mind that a lawyer’s fees might be significantly more owing to their greater degree of training and experience.

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A licenced service provider with experience in purchasing homes is Easy Link Conveyancing. Schedule a meeting with our property conveyancing professionals right away if you’re planning to buy a house. You can be confident you’re in good hands with our home conveyancing specialists since they have years of expertise in the field of conveyancing for buying and selling property in Melbourne and Sydney. To learn more about our property conveyancing services, get in contact with one of our offices in St. Albans, Werribee, Epping, Springvale, Doncaster, or Bankstown right now.

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