Property Conveyancing Services – Buying Property

When buying a property, be it residential or commercial, it’s crucial to seek out a reputable conveyancer to ensure the transfer of ownership goes through successfully and without incident during the settlement process. A specialist in property conveyancing services will liaise between all parties involved in the purchase of the property to ensure there are no hold ups and everything goes according to plan. At Easy Link Conveyancing, we provide a full range of house purchase conveyancing services for locals in the western and north western suburbs of Melbourne.

How Our House Purchase Conveyancing Specialist Can Help You

Andy Nguyen and the staff at Easy Link Conveyancing will oversee your purchase of property from beginning to end, saving you from having to turn to local solicitors for buying a house. We provide a full range of property conveyancing services to assist home buyers, including the following:

  • Preparation and submission of all legal documents and paperwork, including the memorandum of transfer and the contract of sale.
  • Researching the certificate of title and the property itself to ensure there are no issues.
  • Holding the money for the deposit in a trust account until settlement occurs.
  • Calculating any alteration of taxes and rates that must be paid.
  • Overseeing the property settlement process, including acting on your behalf, letting you know when settlement is complete, and alerting your bank or financial institution when the final payments have been made.
  • Acting on your behalf with the property seller and / or the real estate agent so you won’t need to hire a solicitor for a house purchase.

Learn More Today

Easy Link Conveyancing is a licensed service provider with specialist expertise in buying house conveyancing services. If you’re looking to purchase a property, make an appointment with us now. With years of experience when it comes to conveyancing for buying and selling property, you can be sure you’re in trusted hands with our home conveyancing professionals. Get in touch with one of our offices in St Albans or Werribee today to learn more about our property conveyancing services.