Property Transfers

It goes without saying that using a conveyancer is important when buying or selling commercial or residential property. But what about property transfers, where a property owner is simply transferring ownership of their property to another party? The short answer is yes; you can still benefit from using a conveyancer in situations like this. If you’re looking for an experienced conveyancer in Melbourne’s western suburbs to oversee your transfer of property, get in touch with the team at Easy Link Conveyancing. We put our expertise in legal transfers conveyancing to use to ensure the process runs smoothly and without incident.

Why People Might Transfer Ownership of Property

There are many different reasons why a property owner might transfer ownership rather than sell their property:

  • The ending of a marriage might see one party transfer their ownership of the property to the other party as part of the divorce settlement.
  • Ownership of the property might be transferred to a company for taxation purposes.
  • An individual property owner might sign ownership over to their spouse as a means of minimising business risk.
  • If a property is joint owned and one of the owners has passed away.
  • Parents might choose to gift their property to their child or children.

The use of a legal transfers conveyancing specialist can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Though you might not be buying or selling property, a conveyancer can help you navigate through the paperwork and legal documentation and handle any stamp duty related issues should they arise. Property transfers often incur reduced conveyancing fees.

Easy Link Conveyancing can assist you with all your transfer of property ownership needs. Give us a call today.