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When it comes to buying or selling a property, it is essential to have a qualified conveyancer in Sydney by your side to handle the legal aspects of a property transaction. At Easy Link Conveyancing, we ensure to provide efficient hassle-free conveyancing services in Sydney, NSW.

Our licensed conveyancing service in Sydney not only specialize with property transactions but also understands the challenges and complexities involved in a property deal. Therefore, they ensure providing you with complete legal support so that you can remain burden-free from following up the standard formalities and procedures in residential conveyancing Sydney and commercial conveyancing process. This way, you can cover yourself with a professional indemnity bond, if something goes wrong.

Our Sydney conveyancing services include:

  • Drafting of Contract of Sale
  • Reviewing and providing advice on the Contract of Sale
  • Carrying out the negotiations with the vendors and other parties involved in the property transaction
  • Conducting certificate of title searches
  • Preparation of Settlement Statements
  • Preparation of Stamp duty documentation
  • Lodging Notices of Acquisition

The Easy Link Conveyancing Difference

We stand highly experienced in handling property transactions, navigating the complexities, ensuring compliance and implementing the latest technology platforms, including PEXA.

We believe in providing tailored assistance to our clients while taking into consideration their unique needs and ensuring a smooth experience as an outcome.

We include attention to detail, minimising delays, resolving issues promptly, and providing overall guidance as a part of our seamless conveyancing service to our clients.

We understand the relevance of clear and open dialogue between the parties while ensuring the information and updates are properly conveyed from one channel to another.

We focus on delivering exceptional conveyancing services in Sydney. Our professionalism and ability to meet the client’s expectations become our biggest strength in this course.

We possess the ability to communicate and provide conveyancing services in different languages to accommodate the diverse and specific needs of our clients.


Conveyancing Process in 5 Simple Steps



Initial consultation

In the initial consultation, we discuss matters related to property transactions and gather the relevant information to provide customised services to our clients.



Pre-Contract Preparation

In pre-contract preparation, we draft and review the legal documents, ensuring they accurately reflect the agreed-upon terms and conditions of the property transaction.



Property Searches

While performing property searches, our conveyancers in Sydney conduct investigations and enquiries of the property's legal status that may impact the transaction or its value.



Contract Preparation/Review

Whether you are buying or selling the property, we practice diligence in preparing/reviewing the documents to ensure precision in transactions that we undertake.




In the final stage of settlement, our conveyancers engage in the exchange of funds, execution and registration of the property to ensure the smooth transfer of ownership.

Grab Your Tailored Quote for Sydney Conveyancing Consultation

When seeking an affordable conveyancer near me or conveyancing in Sydney services, it is crucial to compare the quotes and choose the best bid out of all. However, it is important to note that affordability shouldn’t be the sole parameter in deciding the conveyancing services in Sydney.

At Easy Link Conveyancing, we understand the specific requirements of our clients. No matter the type of property deal they are engaging in, our expert conveyancers in Sydney have the in-depth knowledge and exposure to get them through in the most efficient manner. For this, we have set a reasonable bracket of prices for every service we offer whether it be residential or commercial conveyancing. We understand that undertaking a property deal is a complex task in itself, and to assist our clients in the best possible way, we ensure to provide them with complete Sydney conveyancing services and consultation including legal support in a reasonable compensation.

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Commercial Conveyancing Services Sydney

Whether you are an individual or an investor looking to buy, sell or lease a commercial property, we can assist you with the conveyancing process. Our seasoned commercial conveyancing in Sydney experts play a pivotal role in navigating the commercial real estate sector.

With expertise spanning diverse arenas, including retail units, restaurants, offices, warehouses, industrial sites, Land for development, and more, we ensure a seamless and legally compliant transfer of ownership in commercial property transactions.

Our conveyancers in Sydney handle sales and purchases with finesse, facilitating a smooth transition of commercial properties. From drafting and negotiating leases to addressing terms, conditions, and legal obligations, we provide comprehensive support in leases and tenancies.

From handling title searches to addressing corporate property transactions, our conveyancer in Sydney offers tailored support in mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring involving commercial entities. In the event of disputes, we provide legal guidance, aiming for resolution through negotiation or legal processes.

Residential Property Conveyancing Services Sydney

Our residential conveyancing Sydney services are smooth and reliable due to our team of professionals who have local knowledge, which is a valuable asset when navigating regional regulations and potential challenges. As your reliable residential conveyancing solicitor Sydney, we strive to be a team that is readily available so there are no delays in the legal pursuit.

Our modern approach towards conveyancing enables us to integrate technology, including PEXA and DUTIES, online for an efficient process. We leverage such online platforms for document submission, progress tracking, and communication. Your peace of mind is our priority, backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance, safeguarding you against errors or omissions during the conveyancing process.

Our comprehensive range of essential property conveyancing Sydney services covers legal advice, property searches, and assistance with residential property transactions. Careful consideration of these factors ensures your choice aligns seamlessly with your needs, guaranteeing a successful and smooth property transaction. With Easy Link Conveyancing Sydney, you will experience a property transfer journey where we merge expertise and efficiency so you can navigate the property market confidently.

How Much Does A Conveyancer Cost in Sydney?

At Easy Link Conveyancing, we understand that how much it costs to do the paperwork for your property can depend on different things, like what kind of place you’re dealing with, how complicated the deal is, and what specific services you need. We’re all about being clear and focusing on you by providing affordable conveyancing – our commitment to being open and putting you at the centre of everything we do.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, our conveyancer in Sydney offers a range of fee structures, including a flat fee for individual conveyancing activities in Sydney.

Consult with our team for a precise estimate tailored to your unique situation. Here are a few factors that will determine the conveyancing fees Sydney:

  • Title Search
  • Local Council Building Certificate
  • Local Council S149 Certificate
  • Drainage Diagram
  • Sydney Water rates certificate
  • Local Council rates certificate
  • Land Tax, clearance certificate
  • Department of Education
  • Environmental Protection Authority
  • Roads & Traffic Authority
  • Transgrid, electricity/power stations
  • Postage, stationery, faxes
  • Local Council Pool Compliance/Non-Compliance Certificate
  • Other costs may apply, depending on the transaction

Get in touch with us and enjoy high-level services from your best conveyance  in Sydney.

Our Expertise

Easy Link Conveyancing is an Australian conveyancing practice with locations in St. Albans, Werribee, Epping, Springvale, Doncaster and Bankstown. We proudly service personal and business clients throughout Victoria, especially within the growth corridor of Melbourne and Sydney.

  • Buying A Property
  • Selling A Property
  • Property Transfer
  • Commercial Conveyancing
  • Off The Plan Purchases
  • Subdivisions

Buying a Property

Property Conveyancing Services

When buying a property, be it residential or commercial, it’s crucial to seek out a reputable conveyancer to ensure the transfer of ownership goes through successfully and without incident during the settlement process. A specialist in property conveyancing services will liaise between all parties involved in the purchase of the property to ensure there are no hold ups and everything goes according to plan...

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Selling A Property

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Property Transfer

Property Transfers

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Commercial Conveyancing

Off the Plan Conveyancing

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Off The Plan Purchases

Off the Plan Conveyancing

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Subdivision Conveyancing

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Reliable Team of Conveyancers in Sydney You Can Trust

Finding a reliable team of conveyancers in Sydney is crucial. Whenever you search for a query ‘Sydney conveyancing company or Sydney conveyancing services’, it is essential that you check for positive client reviews and transparent communication, just like we offer at Easy Link Conveyancing.

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Your Conveyancing Questions Answered:

Conveyancing is a legal process of transferring one property. It is usually carried out by a certified professional known as a conveyancer. The process includes keeping in check legal aspects of a transaction, from drafting the contract of sale to ensuring the legal compliance. When a conveyancer is hired for the role, they ensure handling the legal paperwork, doing the property searches, liaising with relevant parties, and doing everything it takes to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

Taking care of legal aspects and compliance can be challenging when you are undertaking a property deal. To make sure everything goes in proper order and manner, it is essential that you seek the assistance of a conveyancer. A conveyancer is a legal professional well versed in the process and knows how to conduct the relevant searches and verify the enquiries in a streamlined and organised manner.

They are professionals who specialise in property law and possess in-depth knowledge of legal documentation and regulations involved in property transactions. To ensure you remain stress-free and without any burden throughout the property transaction, you must rely on their subject expertise and see how all the legal aspects are handled correctly.

At Easy Link Conveyancing, we provide our clients with a wide and expert range of residential and commercial conveyancing services. No matter the size, scope and complexity of the project, our expert conveyancers have got the skill and knowledge to see through the intricacies of the property deal and propose the best solutions. Our detailed knowledge and wide exposure in this field stand as our biggest strength and encourage us to serve our clients in our best capacity.

Easy Link Conveyancing is known for its professionalism and expertise. When you approach us for a property deal, rest assured you’ll receive the best legal assistance in terms of receiving customised services. We understand property deals can be complex and tricky in their own ways. That’s why we prefer to offer our complete support from scratch to finish. Whether it’s scrutinising the facts and information before stepping into a deal or carrying out the process in a streamlined manner, our expert conveyancers have got you covered. They ensure keeping themselves updated with the latest notifications and technological advancements to offer a hassle-free experience to their clients.

The cost of conveyancing services in Sydney is purely a subjective matter and depends upon various factors. Factors like the type of property involved, the complexity involved in a particular transaction, the type of services required and so on. How a company likes to charge for the services offered depends upon their convenience and preference. It could either be in the form of fixed conveyancing fees or a percentage of a property purchase or sale price. If you’d like to get the closest possible estimate, it’s best to consult the conveyancing company and ask for a personalised quote.

A conveyancer is a legal professional who plays a crucial role in facilitating the transfer of property ownership. The primary responsibility of a conveyancer Sydney includes the drafting and reviewing of legal documents, coordinating property inspections, facilitating the final settlements, calculating adjustments and apportionments and so on. From being responsible for preparing necessary documents to undertaking every role to safeguard the interest of their clients, a conveyancer ensures a legally compliant and smooth transfer of property ownership from start to finish.

In the stage of initial consultation, our team of conveyancers start by having an introduction and overview of the property transaction, which may include asking the clients about the property details like property details, contracts, deeds or any other relevant information. It is typically a comprehensive discussion about your property which provides you with an opportunity to share information and understand the services provided by us. The pointers that we include in the initial consultation include information gathering, explaining the conveyancing process, providing legal advice, discussing the scope of work, costs, responsibilities, timelines, etc., which ends with addressing your concerns and providing you with a fair understanding of the entire process.

Roughly, the conveyancing process may take a time period of up to 8-12 weeks. However, as we mentioned, every property transaction is unique in itself, so it decides its own course of time of settlement. The time a project would take to reach its final completion depends upon a lot of factors, such as the type of property involved, the intensity of the complexities involved, any special circumstances that may influence the decisions of either party and so on.

Yes, a conveyancer may render help with property other than the residential home, which may include commercial properties, investment properties, vacant land, rural properties and other developmental projects. However, it is important to check if the required property assistance is provided by your conveyancer or not.

Residential Conveyancing includes any conveyancing assistance that’s provided for the property type meant for personal occupancy. For residential conveyancing, we ensure to provide complete legal assistance, whether it’s clearing the property title, following the regular proceedings of drafting, reviewing the contract of sale, or conducting the required searches and registration proceedings.

On the other hand, commercial conveyancing involves any legal assistance with respect to commercial properties. It differs from residential conveyancing and includes steps like conducting due diligence on commercial properties, reviewing commercial lease agreements, assessing the property’s zoning regulations, etc.

Whenever you hire a conveyancer in Sydney, it is important to discuss the key details in the initial stage so that a suitable course of action can be decided to get the best out of property transactions.

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