Subdivision Conveyancing in Melbourne

The subdivision of property is the process of dividing one large lot of land into multiple smaller titles. This is a common practice with property developers and investors, providing them with a great opportunity to maximise their income. Divided land can have a number of units built upon it that will provide the property owner with more rental income, or alternatively they can sell the divided properties separately to make more money.

As a leading provider of subdivision conveyancing in Melbourne, Easy Link Conveyancing can assist property owners and developers with all the necessary work relating to conveyancing for subdivisions. If you’re thinking of selling your property and need professional expertise in the subdivision of property, our licensed subdivision conveyancer can guide you through all the complex legalities involved. We will be happy to meet with you at a time that suits you to discuss our extensive range of subdivision conveyancing services.

Even if the process is going well, the subdivision of property costs can skyrocket into thousands of dollars. When you take all the legal processes, applications and documentation into consideration, it can be easy to lose control of your budget. Our expert subdivision conveyancer can offer helpful advice and manage all the legal aspects of subdividing. We will ensure that all your documentation is filled in correctly and submitted on time, thereby making the overall process significantly more straightforward and easier.

Our Subdivision Conveyancing Services

  • Negotiating with the surveyor on our client’s behalf to organise lodging
  • Preparing documents relating to plan lodging
  • Preparing estimate of registration fees
  • Acquiring consent from all relevant parties
  • Coordinating for the title to be made available to register the transfer of land
  • Finalising application and ensuring lodgement of documents is actioned
  • Overseeing the status of the overall deal
  • Advising once the title is registered and acquiring new title particulars

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