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Our Conveyancing professionals in Melbourne provide fair and comprehensive assistance to every client seeking guidance in their property transaction.

Whether you are buying or selling a home or conducting a commercial transaction, our skilled and experienced conveyancer in Melbourne will guide you through the process as smoothly as possible.

We understand the bother and complexity that comes with selling and purchasing property, which is why we are here to help you. Our ultimate goal while providing conveyancing Melbourne service is to assist you at every stage of the process so that you can be certain that you are in capable and trustworthy hands.

Our course of action includes the following:

  • Preparing Contract of Sale
  • Reviewing Contract of Sale
  • Providing expert advice after
  • Negotiating with Vendors and other parties to propose changes and special conditions in the contract of sale
  • Conducting all relevant searches in relation to your property transaction
  • Preparing Settlement statements
  • Preparing Stamp Duty documentation
  • Arranging settlements
  • Lodging Notice of Acquisition/Disposition

The Easy Link Conveyancing Difference

Our knowledge and skills are our most valuable assets in completing our job with the highest accuracy – including the usage of cutting-edge technological platforms such as (PEXA).

We recognise that each property transaction is unique, we try to use a customer-centric approach to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for every client that comes our way.

Our significant experience and broad exposure enable us to keep the conveyancing procedure smooth and efficient. To make the process more efficient, we work with situations of varying dimensions and complexities.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us; therefore, we take all effort we can to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly and that they are completely satisfied.

Our multilingual conveyancers promote excellent communication with all parties involved and endeavour to provide an inclusive conveyancing experience by removing language barriers and cultural diversity.

As experienced conveyancers, we recognise the importance of keeping communication direct and transparent, and we make every effort to keep our clients informed at every stage of the process.


Easy as 1-2-3: The Conveyancing Process completed in 5 simple steps



Initial consultation

We begin with an initial consultation in which we attempt to comprehend the existing facts and circumstances about the real estate transaction using a customer-centric approach.



Pre-Contract Preparation

Our conveyancers ask pertinent questions and engage in essential talks after we have the required information and paperwork to provide solid grounds for further procedures.



Property Searches

Our conveyancers do the essential inspections and searches while compiling the pertinent data in this process, which involves examining property certificates and zoning regulations, among other things.



Contract Preparation

For the benefit of our customers, we take into account every little detail when preparing or revising a contract of sale or purchase, assuring adequate inspection and strict adherence to the law.




Our conveyancers communicate with the parties concerned and strive towards a final settlement, which includes the completion of all requirements, the exchange of monies, and the supervision of transfer.

No Hidden Fees: Affordably Priced Conveyancing in Melbourne

We understand the complexity of carrying out a property transfer and the costs involved with it as we continue to give top-tier services to our clients. That is why, in order to explain our position in this procedure, we provide economical conveyancing Melbourne. To give our clients with the most simplicity and comfort, we have established a fair and clear pricing policy. We do not store any hidden costs at a later stage. And, while our clients are confident and convinced about the conveyancing fees they pay, we ensure that they are getting good value for money, which includes our full commitment to the property transaction, whether it’s drafting the documents, conducting preliminary checks, or performing legal-due diligence.

Our attention to detail and great advice throughout the process is unrivalled, and we guarantee to provide you with full professional expertise and experience.

Overall, we serve as a pillar of strength and competence for our clients and strive to provide superior Melbourne conveyancing services.


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Our Expertise

Easy Link Conveyancing is an Australian conveyancing practice with locations in St. Albans, Werribee, Epping, Springvale, Doncaster and Bankstown. We proudly service personal and business clients throughout Victoria, especially within the growth corridor of Melbourne and Sydney.

  • Buying A Property
  • Selling A Property
  • Property Transfer
  • Commercial Conveyancing
  • Off The Plan Purchases
  • Subdivisions

Buying a Property

Property Conveyancing Services

When buying a property, be it residential or commercial, it’s crucial to seek out a reputable conveyancer to ensure the transfer of ownership goes through successfully and without incident during the settlement process. A specialist in property conveyancing services will liaise between all parties involved in the purchase of the property to ensure there are no hold ups and everything goes according to plan...

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Selling A Property

Property Sale Conveyancing

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Property Transfer

Property Transfers

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Commercial Conveyancing

Off the Plan Conveyancing

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Off The Plan Purchases

Off the Plan Conveyancing

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Subdivision Conveyancing

The subdivision of property is the process of dividing one large lot of land into multiple smaller titles. This is a common practice with property developers and investors, providing them with a great opportunity to maximise their income. Divided land can have a number of units built upon it that will provide the property owner with more rental income, or alternatively they can sell the divided properties...

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Reliable Team of Conveyancer Melbourne You Can Trust

Your search for a ‘best conveyancer near me’ ends with us, where you will find us as a one-stop solution for all your conveyancing needs. We understand the gravity of the process and execute a property transaction in Melbourne and Sydney with complete focus and attention to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Your Conveyancing Questions Answered:

Conveyancing is the procedure by which ownership of real estate is transferred from one party to another. It entails the involvement of a conveyancer, who is a trained expert who handles the transaction while keeping all legal issues of the property transfer in mind.

Conveyancing often includes preparing sales contracts, negotiating conditions, and assuring legal compliance. A conveyancer works on behalf of its client to coordinate with all parties involved (buyer, seller, real estate agent, financial institutions, and government organisations) and work towards the ultimate settlement of the agreement.

When you hire a conveyancer, you guarantee that the property transaction is completed smoothly and legally. By hiring them and incorporating them into the process, you agree to a method that eliminates the possibility of mistakes while maintaining a tight check on every aspect of the transaction.

A conveyancer examines and inquires to check the properties for any limitations and encumbrances, following a simplified procedure and addressing all legal parts of the property transfer. Although hiring a conveyancer is not required to complete a property transaction, it does make a significant difference in making the process fair, smooth, and transparent.

We provide residential and business conveyancing services in Melbourne, responding to our clients’ various wants and expectations. Our conveyancers will ensure a timely and sequential flow of the procedure regardless of the type and complexity of the property transaction. We, as specialists in our sector, have successfully completed a wide range of property transactions and understand how to establish a fair momentum by utilising our acquired knowledge and skills.

Easy Link Conveyancing is committed to offering customer-centric services in a timely manner. We recognise that property transactions are complicated and include several parties. We ensure smooth execution of services that involve adequate inspection of the facts and information before continuing to the final settlement by accommodating the individual demands and requirements of our customers and completing a deep scan.

Aside from that, delivering inexpensive and transparent solutions is the primary draw where we want to be attentive towards our clients and provide them with the convenience of accessing effective and economical conveyancing services in Melbourne.

Conveyancing fees in Melbourne are determined by a number of factors, including the kind of property involved, the complexity of the transaction, the type of service required, and so on. It might be in the form of a flat charge or a percentage of the purchase or selling price of the property.

In general, it is usually suggested to receive individual quotations from the conveyance agency based on the service you desire.

A conveyancer works as a client’s advocate and representative. They communicate with all parties involved, including the opposing party’s conveyances, financial institutions, government officials, and other parties providing their support to the property transaction. Their aims are to supervise the last phases of the property deal by confirming the required papers, enabling the exchange of monies, and guaranteeing that the transfer of ownership is carried out equitably.

When you contact us for a property transaction, we begin with a conversation session in which we provide you with an overview of our services and ask you specific questions concerning the property transaction in order to understand your requirements and objectives. After the initial discussion, we will go over papers such as contracts, agreements, and other property information to better grasp the intricacies of your case. Following that, we will provide you with extensive assistance and advice, which may include recommendations for more searches, any dangers involved, or any legal issues pertinent to your situation.

Following that, we will provide you with extensive assistance and advice, which may include recommendations for more searches, any dangers involved, or any legal issues pertinent to your situation. In the last step, we will present you with cost estimates and the engagement process, as well as hold a final question-and-answer round to put any questions or worries to rest.

At Easy Link Conveyancing, we provide a thorough consultation so that you understand the conveyancing procedure and the services we provide. We take every precaution to guarantee that we set a level playing field for assessing our suitability and serving to the best of our abilities.

A conveyancing procedure may take 8-12 weeks to complete in a broad course of action. It is crucial to remember, however, that this is only an approximate approximation. The length of the conveyancing process can vary based on a number of factors, including the transaction’s complexity, the parties involved, any unusual circumstances that may emerge, and so on.

The time spent at each phase may change as the sequence of actions proceeds, resulting in a variable timetable for each project.

Yes, a conveyancer may assist with properties other than houses. Conveyancers are property specialists that can help you with commercial properties, empty land, investment properties, rural properties, and development projects.

However, depending on your individual needs and the experience of the conveyancing business, you may always question and clarify whether the conveyancer is knowledgeable in that subject or not.

Residential conveyancing refers to the legal process of purchasing, selling, and refinancing residential property, which includes homes, flats, townhouses, and so on. It often includes the purchase or sale of real estate for personal use or occupation. When it comes to residential conveyancing, we as professionals ensure that the property has a clear and marketable title, followed by the regular procedures of drafting and reviewing the contract of sale, conducting property searches, facilitating the payment of stamp duty, and finally completing the registration and updating the property records.

Commercial conveyancing is the discipline of enabling legal aid with commercial property concerns. It includes a wide range of properties such as offices, retail spaces, industrial buildings, warehouses, and commercial property. Conducting due diligence on commercial property titles, negotiating and reviewing commercial lease agreements, assessing the property’s zoning regulations, and identifying any environmental issues, financial complexities, and tax implications before final compliance with planning permissions and building regulations are key aspects of commercial conveyancing.

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