Conveyancing in Ravenhall

At Easy Link Conveyancing, we can provide expert assistance and represent the interests of people who need advice and assistance when buying, selling or transferring a property. Our conveyancer in Ravenhall can provide all the information and support you need to achieve the outcome you desire.

Buying a Property

For property buyers, we aim to ensure the transfer of ownership goes through successfully and without incident. We will liaise with relevant parties and financial institutions to make sure all documentation and payments have been submitted correctly, preventing unnecessary delays.

Selling a Property

When sellers choose us for conveyancing in Ravenhall, they can trust they’re in good hands. We’ve established a reputation for the representation and support we can provide to sellers. We understand that the legal obligations for a seller differ from those of a buyer, and we’ll work diligently to ensure they’re fulfilled.

Transferring a Property

Ownership of a property can be transferred from one party to another without necessarily being involved in a transaction. For example, property ownership can be transferred when a marriage ends, for tax purposes, when the owner has died, or as a gift. We can help you navigate this area.

Other Property Matters

Our services for conveyancing in Ravenhall can also assist with subdivisions, commercial lease preparation, lease transfers, lease renewal, and other matters.

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When you need a conveyancer in Ravenhall who can advise you on residential and commercial property matters, you can’t go wrong working with the team at Easy Link Conveyancing. Contact us or visit our St. Albans, Epping or Werribee practices today and we’ll do our best to help.

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