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Property Conveyancing Specialists in Oakleigh

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Property transactions are complicated legal procedures, even for someone who has sold or bought property previously. Hence, it is essential to work with experts who have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that the transactions occur smoothly.

Irrespective of the scope or size of the property you wish to buy or sell, property conveyancing is an indispensable part of all property transactions. At Easy Link Conveyancing, we are a team of highly experienced property conveyancers with extensive experience offering complete and fair legal assistance to our clients regarding their property dealings.

As one of the most trusted conveyancers near you, we help you with every aspect of your property transaction, whether you are buying, selling, or simply transferring the rights to your property. From pre-purchase contract discussions and negotiations to reviewing legal documents and property checks, we help you with it all.

Connect with us to learn more about our conveyancer services for buyers and sellers, and rest assured that we will provide all the legal assistance you need for a fair and hassle-free property transfer.

Easy as 1-2-3 : Complete the Conveyancing Process in 5 Simple Steps



Initial consultation

We start by conducting an initial consultation, where we try to understand the existing facts and scenarios about the real estate transaction, following a customer-centric approach.



Pre-Contract Preparation

Once we gain a hold of the necessary details and documentation, our conveyancers raise relevant queries and do necessary negotiations to prepare firm grounds for subsequent proceedings.



Property Searches

In this step, our conveyancers conduct necessary checks and searches while gathering the relevant information, which includes property certificates, checking zoning restrictions, etc.



Contract Preparation

We consider every small detail before drafting/reviewing a contract of sale/purchase to facilitate a smooth process for our clients, ensuring proper scrutiny and thorough legal compliance.




Our conveyancers liaise with the parties involved and work towards making the final settlement, which includes completion of legal formalities, exchange of funds, and overseeing transfer.

Residential Conveyancing in Oakleigh

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Whether you are buying your first home or the third one, residential conveyancing in Oakleigh continues to be a complicated procedure. Hence, as your trusted property conveyancers, we are committed to making the entire process seamless and hassle-free for you.

Over the years, we have offered comprehensive conveyancer services for sellers and buyers. It enables us to anticipate our clients’ concerns and offer them relevant legal assistance. And when you decide to opt for our conveyancing services in Oakleigh, you can rest assured that our team of experts will always go the extra mile to ensure the best deals for you.

commercial conveyancingWhether you want to discuss the contract terms, review the legal documentation, or need assistance with property checks and negotiations, we have got you covered. Our friendly and professional conveyancing experts in Oakleigh will work with you and provide you with complete assistance to ensure your property transactions are fair and legal.


Commercial Conveyancing in Oakleigh

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Commercial property transactions are complex and require absolute attention to detail. Whether you are purchasing a warehouse, an industrial property, a retail space, or any other commercial establishment, you would want to ensure that the property transfer proceeds as per law.

However, property transactions are an elaborate procedure that requires extensive insight into property law. And that is where our property conveyancers come in. As a reliable conveyancer near you, we assist you with every aspect of the transaction, ensuring that the transfer of property proceeds without a hitch.

Are you looking to purchase or sell a property and need efficient conveyancer services for buyers or sellers? If yes, your search ends with us. We are a team of professionals offering convenient and comprehensive conveyancing services in Oakleigh.

Connect with us via call or email, or schedule an appointment with our experts for our commercial conveyancing services in Oakleigh.

The Easy Link Conveyancing Difference

Our legal knowledge and expertise is our biggest asset in performing our job with utmost precision - integrating the use of the latest technology platforms, such as (PEXA).

We understand every property transaction is unique, so we prefer to follow a client-centric approach, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for every client that comes our way.

Keeping the conveyancing process smooth and efficient comes from our extensive knowledge and wide exposure. To make the process efficient, we practice diligence in working with situations of different scales and complexities.

As expert conveyancers, we understand the value of keeping our communication direct and transparent and ensure to keep our clients informed at every step of the process.

For us, client satisfaction is supreme, so we engage in every possible activity to help them go through the transaction seamlessly, ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Removing language barriers and cultural diversity, our multilingual conveyancers ensure effective communication with the parties involved and work towards providing an inclusive conveyancing experience.


Trusted Conveyancer Near You

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No matter the scope or size of the property you are selling or purchasing, property transactions are complex and exhaustive and often involve complicated legal connotations. As a buyer or a seller, it is better to have a conveyancing expert in Oakleigh who can help you navigate through these complications with ease.— and that is what we’re here for!

At Easy Link Conveyancing, our team of professionals have extensive experience offering conveyancing services in Oakleigh and the surrounding suburbs. Here, we have earned our reputation as one of the most reliable property conveyancers in the area by consistently providing fair legal advice and guaranteeing the best prices for our clients.

Get in touch with our property conveyancing experts in Oakleigh to discuss any concerns you have about purchasing or selling your property. We will work with you to understand your expectations from the transaction and assist you with the negotiations accordingly.

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